The Main Menu Please login or register. And also this board are not designed for overclocking. Front Panel Audio Connector: Power Management Setup

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It reflects very chhipset on the reputation of MSI as the Top 3 motherboard makers in Taiwan and Top 5 motherboard makers in the world.

Table Of Contents Tuesday, March 22, 8: Low Level Formatting Disk Mirroring raid 1 I’m very disappointed, angry and shocked to hear that this ATI RS board cannot support overclocking. Frequently Asked Questions Standard Cmos Features Wlan Card Mode Installing A Graphics Card Pls read your own MSI forum about the complaints by the users and on the internet as well.

Floppy Disk Drive Connector: I was unable to get Core Center to work with my motherboard as it does not support my motherboard. Home Help Search Login Register. Cpu Installation Procedures For Socket Description Of Raid Setup Operations Here are my questions: Before You Begin This is my email to them and from them.


Advanced Bios Features This is very important to me so pls confirm. The ATI Bullhead, on the other hand, is loaded with a huge range of controls that will make any enthusiast happy. How can I get Core Center to support the motherboard?

Atx 12v Power Connector: But I don’t have the values.

Creating Raid Sets These are my settings: Front Panel Audio Connector: Can MSI at least come cyipset with a newer BIOS that has at least some basic overclocking function for the many poeple who have bought this boards? Sorry for inconvenience caused!

Disk Striping raid 0 On page of the RSM2 manual, it is stated explicitly that “This motherboard is designed to support overclocking”.

We know that ATI managed to do some serious overclocking with this chipset and we saw one of those boards in action back in January at CES. Quick Components Guide Waiting for your reply soon! Please login or register.