Get Permission to License or Reproduce this Article. The Slashdot crowds are already all over the topic , of course, but Linux Girl took it upon herself recently to spread the word down at the blogosphere’s Broken Windows Lounge. It was nice to see console on USB monitor and graphical desktop on main primary monitor. I understand from googling that there is a tweak application available at http: Deepin Builds a Better Linux Desktop.

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So I am a bit reluctant to experiment but I have to chose something to believe in.

Here is how I got it working in Ubuntu I’d like to go forward in time to a more technologically liilliput era. Though I got two X sessions successfully, I was not able to navigate my mouse from one screen to another. Thanks for this great howto. The Road Ahead for Open Source.

That, in turn, means that “the digital divide has been crossed,” he added. Hi, your setup looks great!

Any questions complaints or claims related to the software should be directed to the appropriate Author or Company responsible for developing the software. Pantheon Desktop Makes Linux Elementary.


In USB monitor Ubuntu boot screen displayed some times observed only a cursor at top left corner of display with black background. Many documents say that I should observe the green screen on USB monitor. Reinstalling Fedora was the only recovery. Vote to See Results. We had ‘luggables,’ then lillipht, then laptops, then netbooks, tablets and phones, and now even smaller computers. The console keeps grabbing the Lilliput. Access millions of IT and business decision makers.

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Lilliput Europe · Raspberry Pi 3 Model B · Micro sized Linux powered PC

Technology has created more problems than it ever could solve. Think Local, Not Global. There’s no end in sight to the march of these diminutive, FOSS-powered devices, in other words, and Linux Girl wants to make sure the world sees what’s going on.

But did lilliut get this working for Ubuntu Your email address will not be published. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and much success in ! Our full-service global marketing program delivers sales-ready leads. Plugging-in USB monitor while working on Desktop: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Mouse wraps around both the screen: I’d like go back in time to a simpler era with far less technology. The Year of Fighting for Positive Change. Interestingly, I have also installed the lil,iput drivers for Linux, and while the axes are now inverted, the touch function works… Do you have any idea how to solve my problem? Lilliput UK disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to the software.

Lilliput 7 inch Embedded Industrial Computer Touch Screen Terminal Linux/Wince Tablet Panel PC

It generated mouse-switchscreen and mouse-wrapscreen utilities. Most Popular Newsletters News Alerts.

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