I read up a little in forums on attempting to install the wireless card, but get no where when attempting any of the suggestions. About Storage Servers Certifications. Home You are here:. High Availability Feature Packs. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.

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Robotics ULi Electronics Inc. Fujitsu Technology Solutions Gateway, Inc. High Availability Feature Packs. Here ,an a copy of the lspci -nn: I justed installed Ubuntu for first time on an old PC. I read up a little in forums on attempting to install the wireless card, but get no where when attempting any of the suggestions.

3.1. Supported network interface cards

Vendor Device Product versions with included device driver Assumption of compatibility is based only on the presence of a driver for this particular hardware component in Open-E software. Open-E Partner Program Overview. Shut down the computer.


Technical Support General information. Not sure how to point to the wireless now and connect. HA Cluster over Ethernet.

Downloads for IntelĀ® DB I/O Controller

Here’s a guide to using ndiswrapper, which you’ll need to do with your card. Trident Microsystems Trigem Computer Inc. Sure a lot easier when you have a card that works out of the box.

Allied Telesis Alteon Networks Inc. Showing 1 – 5 out of total 7 elements. Opened browser and went on line. If thats your output then that means ndiswrapper czm the driver and the hardware and beleives it can drive the hardware properly. Only appears to have Wired and Point to Point. Ok, this worked as far as I can tell.

Showing 1 – 50 lam of total elements. The output should read something like driver installed: Now how do I use the Wireless Network? Knowledge Databases Browse cak Knowledge Database. Then using the command “cd” in the console move to that folder and run the command ndiswrapper -i “drivername”. First, connect to you wired internet and use synaptic package manager to download ndiswrapper-utils onto your computer.


Storage Powered by Open-E. Please fill out the required fields and send us your feedback. Business Solutions Backup and Restore. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Technology Solutions NAS solutions.

However you wont really need any of the information listed there unless you dont have the original drivers that came with the card. HA Cluster with Common Storage. About Storage Lqn Certifications.