Cursor Display the key that is used to selector specify the settings. The laser diode and the scanning polygon mirror are incorporated in the print head unit. For this reason, when reinstalling the same version of the printer driver, the driver may not be rewritten. The paper size or paper orientation specified in the application may take precedence over the settings in the printer driver when printing. Be very careful that an accident does not occur when operations such as removing paper jams are performed.

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Check the specified printer name. Up to two custom sizes can be registered. The installation of the driver begins. The ino takes about 30 seconds to warm up after it is turned on.

Twain Scanner Driver Settings Adjust the brightness of the image. Drum ineo 1 Clearing paper jams 11 Wia Scanner Driver Adjust the quality of the scanned image.

For paper weight, contact your service representative. If [Factory Default] is selected, all settings return to their defaults. Installing the driver inoe the administrator authority. Slide the Lateral Guide against the edges of the paper.


A function to import image data from imaging devices including scanner and digital cameras. If inso is curled, flatten it before loading it. You may not rent, lease, sublicense, lend or transfer versions or copies of the Software Licensee does not use, or Software contained on any unused media, except as part of the permanent transfer of all Software and Documentation as described above.

Select the direction and order of pages to be printed. The use of non-shielded cables is likely to result in interference with radio communications and is prohibited under CISPR rules and local rules.

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Replace with new paper. Up to 20 characters can be entered for the registered name.

You agree that you will not export the Software in any form in violation of any applicable laws and regulations regarding export control of any countries. The paper length [X] can be info between mm and mm.

Press to return to the previous screen. When the message appears, prepare to replace the Toner Bottle according to the guidance contained in your maintenance agreement. You can specify the positions using the scroll bars provided on the right of and under the image.


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Displays the menu, function or setting. This completes the scanner driver installation.

A name can be assigned for the set paper size for registration. This User’s Guide describes the functions, operating instructions, precautions for correct operation, and simple troubleshooting guidelines of this machine. Develop Ineo Develop Ineo This declaration is valid for the area of the European Union.

Specify the necessary settings. Indicates that recycled paper is selected. Was the copy reduced to a size smaller than the paper? If you cannot make them legible, or if the caution label or notation is damaged, please contact your service representative.

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Wait until the unprocessed job is processed. Pull out the Tray 1. Internal laser radiation Maximum Average Radiation Power: The same sizes and types of paper used with the machine can be selected.