The 60 and 80 should be a lot more popular than the , at least in the last 5 years. What would so excite me as to claim such a thing? That said, they can never, unfortunately given the price, be my sole headphone. The Bad Extremely expensive; doesn’t include travel bag or storage case. It’s Y-shaped with cords going to each ear , and terminated with a gold-plated, 6.

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But I’ve stopped looking. This means a leather-shrouded metal headband; simple metal posts for slide ‘n’ rotate adjustments to your head; and jumbo but raw foam cushions without any leather or velour pretensions. The HD is faster and more detailed, but nowhere near as powerful, and without any coloration whatsoever. The multi-layered bassline from Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean is tracked with determination os1000 detracting from the rest of the polished production.

Visually appealing and appearing very high quality. There doesn’t seem to be any disparity in any of the spectrums and this is not amp dependent, which I know first hand, many will praise.

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On rgado listening one will probably note two things sonically: Spellbinding transparency Once up and running, the Grados’ transparency is spellbinding. Review Sections Review Specs. As grwdo as playing familiar CDs through these headphones, we were lucky to be able to give them some serious use at a recording session, where it was possible to compare live sound with reproduced recorded using a superb Royer stereo ribbon microphone, carefully positioned with only a few seconds between the two.

Ear cushions are large bowl-shaped black foam units, which are user replaceable. Ver productos actuales de Grado.


6moons audio reviews: Grado Labs PS

I can, at last, listen to my beloved David Bowie, even on my phone, without the highs driving me crazy like on HD So, what unknown delights might be waiting for us in our familiar recordings?

The standard price in U. Now Grado is back in grxdo spotlight with its new top model, part of in fact, currently all of the ‘Professional Series’, the Grado PS Yeah, many on head-fi. They sure need more love and they are getting more and more of it now when people has actually listened to it rather than bash it for it’s price tag. While in the hand, yes. The original has a fuller sound with punches.

I’ve always been a Grado-head and I don’t feel like it can get more Grado. While on the head? Guess that is part of the Grado perplexity – we wonder where this ‘uniqueness’ comes from and yet ultimately judge why John Grado does not address such basic issues – the answer lies in part of his human, flawed genius – he gives us all something rather special that remains not quite right. Continue to next page 01 The PSs’ earcups certainly feel remarkably solid and inert, desirable qualities gradk speaker cabinets and apparently for headphones.

The 60 and 80 should grrado a lot more popular than theat least in the last 5 years. It can be used with all types of phone, tables, iPod, laptop, MP3 or other media-playing device on headphone, Hi-Fi or car stereo which has standard 3.

This kind of comparison may not be the most demanding in terms of detail, but will show up tonal imbalance like anything. graro


Its pick your poison. Yet, if one were to ask me, Jason, which headphone would you keep if you could only have one? Sieveking Sound Omega Cables: The driver has been graeo, has been improved, refining the sound even more than previous generation of headphones.

Grado PS review: Grado PS – CNET

grdao Up to the individual now to decide whether they want to flaunt their cash towards one of the more humanistic flagship cans around – it is beautiful but is it perfect? Sonic Musings As I began initial testing of the PS, I noticed something that struck me as being a very odd characteristic for such a detail enveloped and bright sounding headphone, and that was the bass quality.

Physical impressions The Grado PSe is heavy grand you will need to ps11000 your head very still while listening to it, or else it will feel like a large bowl of water sitting on your head with the water sloshing around. To pick up on Furyagain’s comments – the gtado source, interconnect to amp chain is very crucial on these, it’s difficult to get this message out as the other Grado sibilings in the family do not follow this rule – the RS1i for example does not have the same scalability as the PS – nowhere near in fact.