Last edited by Osias; Dec 18, at After you have installed the program get out your PS3 Sixaxis controller and USB cable that came with it and plug it into your computer. This topic is locked from further discussion. When connected via USB, the controller will communicate with the console over the USB connection, rather than wirelessly. For those wanting to know how to do this, here you ganesaike Now exit out of the program and go to Control Panel and click on Game Controllers. The buttons aren’t recognized in the key bindings menu for WoW. PlayStation 3 controllers are compatible with Bluetooth-equipped Apple Macintosh computers, with no external software required.

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However, the Sixaxis lacks a Bluetooth “discovery mode”, which is normally used for connecting to Bluetooth devices wirelessly, so a wired USB connection is required to set up the Sixaxis with the appropriate Bluetooth address before a wireless ps can be made. Sony later stated that the original controller “was very clearly designed as a design concept, sixxais was never intended to be the final controller, despite what everybody said about it”.

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Sixaxis/DS3 x64 Driver Download – PS3 Controller on Windows Download | Digiex

Physical and digital System software compatibilities PS Minis. So to get you started here are the links for each driver version depending on your OS version. At E3Sony announced that the boomerang design had been replaced by the Sixaxis; a wireless, motion sensitive controller, similar in overall design to the earlier PlayStation DualShock controllers.


I tried once but could never get my sixaxis to work.

Working Drivers for PS3 Controller….

Renzokucant Follow Gamesaike ps3 Posts: For those wanting to know how to do this, here you ganesaike Now exit out of the program and go to Control Panel and click on Game Controllers.

But I hate to ask, what is the driver called on QJ?

X, Y, and Z, which allows six degrees of freedom rotation about each axis and translation along each axis. Archived from the original PDF on Richy Follow Forum Posts: Jan 9, This allows the controller to be used when the battery is low and is also used for charging the battery.

I downloaded and installed the sixaxis driver, ran the exe file, pushed the ps3 button So once you have downloaded and saved the program to your computer go to the WinZip program you downloaded earlier and open the folder with the XP or Vista driver.

Views Read Edit View history. When and if this happens, then of course Sony will be providing a service to exchange these items”.

Download and unpack this file — PS3 Sixaxis Gamesaike ps3. You still need to configure all the buttons and axis manually though but if anyone would like to know how to do it for the two games mentioned, I will be more than willing to supply you with a. However, in a press release made some eight months later, Phil HarrisonSony’s president of worldwide studios, said he didn’t see a need for Sony’s controllers to have rumble noting that rumble was the “last generation feature” and that he thought “motion sensitivity is [the next-generation feature].


The DualShock 3 was originally intended to be bundled with the PlayStation 3 in time for the console’s launch.

Working Drivers for PS3 Controller – PlayStation Nation – GameSpot

gamesaiike I would love to be able to play WoW with a controller but I can’t map the buttons with my current PS2 adapter.

Unzip the folder and it should now show the contents of the program. Slogged through many tutorials and guides on how to setup everything to no avail. Renzokucant Follow Forum Posts: That is a really gameaike find.


Install the filter driver libusb-winfilter-bin The only downside is no tilty support but this is a great way to play these games just like if you were going to buy them for the PS3.

Sixadis be found here. It is also a palindrome.

It is a contraction of “six axis”, which refers to the ability to sense motion in all axes of the six degrees of freedom. I was browsing google the other day trying to find some way to be able to use the SixaxiS on PC games and I have found it. Sep 30, They may lock this sizaxis though.

Is it driver problems or what?