If your kernel-tree is older than 3. Who said that installing drivers is a pain in Linux??? The build process will use a configuration that is put together from various sub-config files. EM EM based devices are supported in Linux by the em28xx kernle module. Some changes had to be made to that module to make the driver work.

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I can’t get the audio to work with VLC but can record it in Audacity by choosing the “usbtv: And that is what I will be guiding you through now is installing the easycxp stable kernel module you will need to properly install and use your Easycap device in ubuntu.

Views Read View source View history. EasyCAP devices and clones are vastly sold in onlineshops at low prices. If the build is successful, a set of three.

Tv viewing and recording solutions for Linux: EasyCAP DC60

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Write short PyQt scripts instead phantom. These commands are typed when you are in the root of the kernel-source tree. If you are below kernel version 3. Rafa Mena June 7, at 3: This will count the patch files in the saa patch files and apply them all.


You should now be able to insert your EasyCapand you will see this line in your kernel log:. Eebian Windows driver shipped with the device was for another model.

After plugging the converter into an USB slot, you should get two additional devices: It is hard to identify the chipset of any EasyCAP device before buying because most onlineshops ebay, amazon do not mention in the provided technical data the chipset of the device.

EasyCap and MPlayer – Raspberry Pi Forums

Username or Email Address. VLC is probably the only relativily decent thing Linux has for recording from e. Take the EasyCap stick e.

But also VLC is far from ideal. Also, a very experimental for testing purposes only userspace driver is available on github: Note that this will only get video, but no audio.

How do I compile a kernel module for EasyCAP DC60?

STK based devices are supported video and audio under Linux by the easycap kernel module kernel 2. Can you provide the contents of that file from your server? So it should all be a matter of plug’n’prey More hardware-software testing required maybe?


Additionally you had to use their capture software piped through Mplayer to capture video unless you installed the slightly more finicky kernel patch. The source for each release is maintained in its own git repository on kernel.

This step can be skipped if no configuration changes are wanted. Chris June 9, at Debiqn your working directory to the root of the kernel source tree and then type the following commands:.

Slides from talk describing setup edbian reverse-engineering what does the hardware do are available: For SMI based devices exists a proceeding Linux-driver project: It would be nice if we could see the video as we are recording it, so that we know when it ends.

More information on this wiki: We will use GStreamer to grab video and audio separately, and mux them together into a container format.