Because I am running proxmox 4. Which is more or less mandatory for webservers. Please refer to the low latency guide page 17 for adding additional values into conrep. Terrible on HPs part this Browsing All Articles Articles.

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So probably more memory is needed in the ILO system.

Configuration Replication Utility (CONREP)

I have searched the forums, and can’t seem to find any other solution for the RMRR problem, apart from the behind-the-paywall-solution for selected configurations, as HP cornep doesn’t care for pci-passthrough on hewlth 4. All servers running Windows Server R2. Keep in mind, I have no real goal with this, it is an experiment hralth it’s own sake, for the sake of solving the problem, so replies like ‘why do you need pci passthrough’ would be beside the question Feel free to give feedback or ask any further questions, and I will provide proljant to the best of my knowledge accordingly!

Support page for DL G6 is http: If you have a standard PC monitor, hook that up to the ProLiant and boot into the OS and change the resolution to x Jun 20, Messages: For this, I’d need the ‘interface to specific hp functionality’, as you describe it, namely the hp-scripting-tools, so I can do the exclusion.


It has an embedded linux environment that is able to do BIOS and other firmware updates.

Please ask the forum! If it works, this would allow me prolixnt do updates on firmware and BIOS, but I would be missing out on having the hp-health-software etc available to my proxmox-host? From a bit more reading it seems that conrep can not be run from within w2k8 and only from a winpe enviroment!

Can you tell me for sure which card is going to work? Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Discussion in ‘ Proxmox VE: This would effectively prokiant my problem, and is my current goal.

Configuration Replication Utility (CONREP)

It’s there for Windows Server at least. P-State can be controlled, but it requires working with two different settings depending on how you want to change things. After downloading, I’m going to try option 1 I gave in my previous post. The server has latest firmware and I tried unplug and plug the DVD rom, but no luck. Where to download the updated FW?

By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. I tried 2 graphic cards, Asus and one more Radeon but it didn’t work. I guess it would also be best to include the updated BIOS and firmware-images on the usb-stick or have it locally available on some kind of storage?


If that doesn’t work, I’d have to try managing individual PCI-slots on platform level myself, excluding the slot and by extent, the card for RMRR-based-memory-allocation.

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Browse the Latest Snapshot. Which is more or less mandatory for webservers. I do most of my work on the Linux side of the house.

Is there any way I can get a free Service Pack? Sorry, I never saw a new notcie prollant this thread. I remember that particular SPP was the last one that would be freely available as well.

I think I’ve gone out of scope of prliant original post, and I don’t have any further questions at the moment, and you can regard this thread as closed. Im having a bit of dificulty understanding the use of the conrep utility from the hp scripting toolkit.