Recommended Spare parts All. From the attached screen shot, you will see there are two IP cameras in my system. Regardless that’s alright for now High performance, single channel solution. Do I need to install any driver or device package for Axis cameras?

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Posted on Lelco 11, Or should I change different Pan and Tilt magic values for Axis cameras? Hopefully you know something I may miss.

I don’t think that there is, but the Support team would be the one to consult on that. Checksums are used to ensure the integrity of a file after it has been downloaded from a server to a client device. I searched the knowledge base https: That being the case you will want to inform Pelco Product Support so that any setup questions can be asked of their team. Perfect when you need to extend a pre-terminated cable.

PTZ drivers for AXIS P Video Encoder | Axis Communications

Control Boards and Joystick. Perfect when you need to extend a pre-terminated outdoor cable.

Superb video quality Multiple H. This makes for easy installation since no power outlet is needed. Other than those ports, and open ports selected dynamically for streaming purposes, other ports that the Digital Sentry uses are on this page on PDN also: Create new account Request new password. I do suggest reaching out to Product Support to discuss ports for the 3rd party cameras on Digital Sentry.



AXIS P7216 Video Encoder

Compliant with IEEE Regardless that’s alright for now From s7401 attached screen shot, you will see there are two IP cameras in my system. While doing the PTZ control, Pelco camera works as expected, and is fast to respond with different direction Pan, Tilt. The other suggestion that I would have would be to reach out to Product Support team.

Posted on Jan 19, Posted on Jan 10, All software isn’t compatible with all products, please refer to the data sheets for compatibility information. Both are high end good cameras.

Find and compare Axis products, and match them with the right accessories. ContinuousMove pan, tilt. You asked if there is a device driver or package — I’m honestly not certain. Do I need to install any driver or device package for Axis cameras?

Find the right Axis solution, from basic surveillance to large-scale security. I’ve escalated to our Product Support team. I hope that helps! Axis’ open policy ensures simple and fast integration with most analog PTZ cameras on the market by including software drivers for more than 25 different analog cameras, including products from American Dynamics, Bosch, Canon, Panasonic, Pelco, Philips, Samsung, Sensormatic and Sony. A member of the team should be reaching out to you soon, and I will help them out as needed.


Pelco by Schneider Electric. Zxis SDK is operating properly to make the request, it is the behavior of the DS that we aren’t happy with. Ready to buy Axis products are available through our global partner network.

I have two suggestions that you can try; You can try using different values ‘magic’ values as you aptly put them, heh to move the Axis camera.