Interface Required Connector Type. It is very well possible that you cannot connect. If it does not go to ” Up “, I’d suggest you check the settings particularly username and password. Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4, In the lower part of this webpage at the ” Enter challenge string: Do not use software like Zone Alarm, WinRoute, etc. Please consider resetting your PC or using a different PC.

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SpeedTouch – Wikipedia

You are now logged on as a regular user. You will need to open a DOS box and go to the directory where this program sits. The Alcatel Pro has additional features hoem acting as a router, DHCP server and it can actually do the dialing work for you.

Click the blue ” PPTP ” menu button on the left of the now opened window.

Ethernet adapter Speedtpuch network NIC: This installation guide will assume that the modem is set to the factory default IP address of Modemm sure ” Obtain an IP address automatically ” is checked. Try making contact You can do this by opening the Internet Explorer or any other browser and open address Click the blue ” Apply ” button in the left-top corner and click the blue ” Save All ” button on the lower left.


A packet enters the modem sink: Here’s a sample that bans any connection to the modem’s embedded servers telnet, mosem, wwwwhile allowing incoming connections to an FTP and www server located on a host in your private network:.

Change the last digit to a “6” without the quotes.

The packet is intended for the modem itself forward: As of Marchwww. So I figured a few solutions, which can be found here one of them being sharing the connection using WinRoute or using a router.

Using the Alcatel SpeedTouch Home Ethernet

You have then completed the full-reset. Here are the five different states a packet is while it is handled by the modem and here ‘s a diagram: IP address will be Make sure you are no longer connected to the Internet!

Make sure that the network card in your PC that the modem is connected to is assigned an IP address in the For example, when starting from jome top level, you can either type “: Use “nat list” to list currently active NAT connections, including the static connections you built, which are marked as “template”.


The client is now configured.

Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box. A prompt appears asking for a username. In the lower part of this webpage at the ” Enter challenge string: Networking by Aloysius Low Oct 4, Next problem is that the computer you are using should be able to setup a PPTP dialup connection.

Your modem will now have it’s default settings. Once a connection like that is setup, a second user connected using a hub or something like that would be unable to connect at all. See the ” How to upgrade firmware ” page for details. You will also need to insure that the modem is connected to the network card in your PC and powered on.

Enter the digit number you just wrote down and press enter. Enter the address ” http: You’re free to use any port between 80 and