I’ve searched and searched google and various windows 7-related forums and found nothing that works. And from this moment the Hope that info is sufficient, Lex. Wednesday, June 10, 4: Then, disable all unused ports in the bios like floppy, serial, parallel, com etc The XT tweaked to the maxx, was giving me avg fps in UT3 on low in game settings This driver issue is another glitch that they need to fixed so it can be installed in Win 7 when it comes out.

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Personally I’m using v8.

The Best driver for HIS 3850 AGP card?

Mar 1, Messages: The general response has been very good. Any idea how i can get my menu text back???

Have you tried the fix for your card on this thread? For the sake of discussion, I am aagp Windows 7 bit. I returned card back to store. Monday, March 16, 7: I just can’t install any pixel shader compatible driver to my system anymore.

Sapphire Radeon HD AGP Drivers? | Hardware Heaven Forums

Yes this box is somewhat dated, and i was expecting a bottleneck I can’t run the experience index test without the system freezing hard during the aero testing phase, usually when it gets to textures but sometimes before, it never goes all the way through the aero testing phase of that test unless the ati driver is disabled in device manager and reduced to vga mode.


Below is detail from the dxdiag report. It claims to be Vista ready but is it?

But my chipset is Uli-M and the drivers are now released by nVidia as an integrated driver set. Thanks for the link, but I already made sure I got the most up to date hotfix drivers. I haven’t tried Omega drivers but thay are based on 7. The card runs as smooth as an icecube on glass I have since installed the release candidate version and have the same issues, although the freezes occur slightly less often still can’t run system assessment.

I set the cpu speed back to default after reading somewhere that might be the problem but it still freezes when placed under graphics stress. Initially I let Windows automatically get a driver from the internet but that didn’t work, I tried the driver on the disc that came with the card, still nothing, I even downloaded the driver hotfix apparently there were a few problems with the card when first released from the Sapphire website, but I still get the same messege.

Monday, June 1, 2: That is the core of your issues.


I have to decide tomorrow am I returning card to store or keeping it, should I keep or return it, is any better than my X if I manage to get correct drivers?

These drivers are for AGP cards.

Then the test will complete will give no rating, just a message that system can’t be rated for some reason i can’t remember what. Anyone got any hotrix whether or not its a DX issue or just a driver issue? I only mentioned the 8. Monday, February 9, 4: The drivers that come with the card are useless.

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I might have to clean install Win7 again. To rid hotfux the error 43, he’ll have to follow my previous advice beforehand though. The graphics do look good but still not able to run Crysis at anything but the lowest setting.

Office Office Exchange Server. I know my HD xt agp card gets flaky on anything higher. Any help is greatly appreciated!